Everyone wants their wedding to be an occasion to remember for years to come. When searching for the perfect wedding location, consider having a Hawaii beach wedding. Everyone gets a wonderful island vacation while attending the wedding. The beautiful scenery and friendly people make any visit a pleasure, but especially a beach wedding on Oahu. This wedding can be a wonderful memory when it is well planned. There are many wonderful venues and locations on the Hawaiian Islands to choose from for the perfect romantic ceremony.

Good planning is the key to having the best experience. Some couples choose to go to the islands alone to get married and honeymoon. Others decide to invite a whole wedding party and guests to attend their Hawaii wedding packages. For many couples, the budget determines who will attend their island wedding. These dream weddings come with a high price tag, but many couples feel it is well worth the expense. A couple can even get their wedding license on the Island.


There Are Rules To Be Followed For Hawaiian Weddings:

To get the marriage license, both parties must be 18 years old and appear together before the marriage license agent.


Official identification documents such as drivers licenses or birth certificates must be provided along with a $65.00 fee.

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If one or both of the couple will be changing their legal name after the wedding, the new names should be on this marriage license including first, middle, and last names.

A beach wedding may require a permit and liability insurance.

Most beach wedding venues have a two-hour time limit.

Beach weddings have limits on the number in the wedding party.

The wedding party can not ask other beachgoers to move to make room for the ceremony, and the wedding can not block off a public beach for the ceremony.


Only a limited number of chairs for elderly or disabled guests will be allowed.

The local wedding planner the couple uses should have insurance and a good knowledge of the local rules for beach weddings. There are times that will not be right to get married in Hawaii. These include times when big events or celebrations are happening. They include big wave surfing events held in December, January, and February.


Another event on Hawaii Island to avoid for weddings is the Merrie March Festival at Easter time. Then, there is the Ironman World Championship held in October on Hawaii Island. The last event to avoid is Japan’s Golden Week holiday in late April or early May on Oahu Island. There are many great times to hold an island wedding. For more information on planning a perfect Hawaiian wedding, visit the website.

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